Our goal is to make sure that you make money. We have several return clients that have utilized our techniques, experience and education to succeed in their auction en devours. We're always up front and transparent about the whole process.  


Amy S

Bryce, Is the best auctioneer and goes out of his way to make your auction happen. He is a sincere and honest fellow and truly has his clients best interests at heart. I would recommend him for any auctioneering event…including weddings. Seriously Bryce keeps the auction moving and makes it fun, all at the same time. I think he took juggling for practice as an auctioneer. Bryce has helped me with a local networking group, exceed their expectations for fundraising auctions, over the past 3 years. Can’t say enough about him.

Jill A

Bryce is energetic fireball of an auctioneer. Exactly what our Highlands Ranch Ducks Unlimited banquet needed to get people enthusiastic about bidding and spending money for the ducks. He did an outstanding job helping us raise money and because of the professional job he did we were able to raise more money than expected. He’s a professional in every sense, cares about his work and takes pride in doing a job well done. I can only hope he can help us next year with out annual banquet. Thank you Bryce!

Emily C

Bryce was just what we needed for our schools auctions. He was prepared, energetic and knew just how to get the crowd going. Everyone is saying it was the highlight of the night. He meet with us ahead of time so he knew what our goals and objectives were. He gave insight on how to have things flow for the evening and brought with him two people to help. He arrived early and stayed late! I would highly recommend him and look forward to using him again for our next event. Thanks!!

Brooke H

Bryce did an AMAZING job with the Mile High Weimaraner Rescue’s annual Weim & Cheese event and helped us to have our BEST EVENT EVER as far as funds raised for our rescue. I enjoyed all of the planning that took place with Bryce leading up to the event and I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that this man truly CARES about the organizations that he is helping. I will ALWAYS use Bryce for any auction type events and would highly recommend him to anyone that I know!!! Thanks Bryce for your heart, passion and true professional skills in the auction scene.

Beverlee White

Bryce Elemond was the perfect auctioneer for the Boulder County Republican Lincoln Dinner in August 2015. He also has a great enthusiastic, resonant voice. In advance of the auction, Bryce met with our committee personally, and was always available by phone or email to counsel us on winner auction items and bundling of items. At the event, he cruised the guests talking up the Live Auction, and even expanded one auction item that increased the bidding to $2000.00! I definitely recommend Bryce, and will engage him in a future Live Auction.

Humanex Academy 2019

Our live auction was a success because of his efforts. He and his assistant Matthew faced a “flat audience” that was fickle about bidding. Like the professional he is, he took it in stride and kept energy going to get us through. The overall bids for our live auction was the lowest it has ever been but, again, like the professional he is, when it was time to reconcile his bill he requested his flat fee instead of the usual 10%. This allowed us to put more money towards scholarships, or the technology fund, or teacher development opportunities,

Bryce holds a special place in the Humanex Academy staff, families, and friends hearts. We wish him all the best and hope to work with him next year.

Humanex Academy

Bryce is THE best !

Bryce is a wonderful auctioneer who really knows his stuff. He has has done our Christian Women’s Connection annual auction for the past few years and knows how to get the ladies excited and we have more fun! He goes out of his way for us, even changing a flat tire for one of our gals. We all love Bryce!

Mary Reed

Bryce was a wonderful and

Bryce was a wonderful and friendly welcome to our annual event and auction this year! In the midst of COVID, events have been tricky to host and while we faced the challenges of an auction not performing well, Bryce brought his game and did a wonderful job not only selling our LIVE packages but entertaining the audience at the same time. People loved his humor and the fun he had in the midst of a stressful financial season for many. The heart of our organization needs financial support and people to get involved – Bryce did a wonderful job balancing heart and compassion with the ASK and compelling reasons to give. We’d choose Bryce for our next event, you should too!! **PS… having the option for his wife to come clerk the event is also a wonderful detail you as the event planner wont have to worry about. We’re thankful for this team!!

Wendy Henkelman

All Around Great Guy!

I was impressed with Bryce from the minute we met. He is a gentleman and a patriot. His heart for all things charitable is evident at the first handshake/fistbump. When we started the auction, I knew I was with a professional. He knows how to work a room and maximize the event results. And to do that in the middle of COVID is an absolute testimony to both his skillset and his motivation. Great work!

Douglas Jackson

Words for YOU.

I’ve worked around,near,and with Bryce since he began!
He works well with the clients, and can work a crowd with good ringmen and clerk’s that make the auction seamless.
Takes constructive criticism well, and has worked hard to make Affordable Auctioneering the success it is today.
I’d work for him in any capacity of the auction world.
” And he LOVES to sell lamps”!

Joanne Cook

Auctions are fun

Bryce brings lots of enthusiasm to his Auctions. He is great at explaining the process and makes everyone, new or seasoned pros, welcome and comfortable. Look forward to future Auctions and more fun !! Going once…going twice….SOLD!!

Barb K

So Much Fun

Bryce……. makes an auction so much fun…. fast pace easy to keep up…. always has a great team……looking forward to the end of COVID we miss you so much…… he also has some very nice hats…. always a great time and he is a snappy dressed man

Victor Kinard


It is always a joy to work with Bryce! He works hard to understand the organizations he is working with, he always knows who his audience is, and he works hard to understand exactly what the goals and needs of the event are.

Emily M.


Our organization has used Bryce for the last two years for our fundraising banquets. He has been very compassionate about his work and what he is helping raising money for! He is the best at working the crowd and keeping everyone interested and on their toes.
He is one of the BEST!!!! We have him signed up to do our next event in April 2021.
Thanks for being so good !!


Amazing Fundraiser!

Bryce was amazing at our fundraiser! He was a great emcee and auctioneer. He got every penny out of the attendees and they liked it! Thank you for your service to our country and our organization!

Anthony Pace

Bryce Elemond has been our

Bryce Elemond has been our auctioneer for the past 3 years for the non-profit American Heroes in Action that I work with . He does an amazing job of keeping the tempo up and always makes it fun. He is always asking what we need and then offers ideas to make everything work for us. I look forward to working with Bryce for many years to come.

Mike B

Michael Bryan

Veteran’s benefit

Bryce was one of the few, the proud, the Marines. American Heroes in Action has hired, and will continue to hire, Bryce as the auctioneer for our annual fundraising banquet. Our auction is put together to raise money for veterans. Bryce has a passion for helping veterans and he gives it all he’s got to make our auction a success. While he is working to get every penny out of our attendees, he is also working to make sure they have a good time. We have a high percentage of attendees who come back year after year. I believe that Bryce, working to make the night a fun night, helps us sell tickets for future banquets.
Dave Proffit
American Heroes in Action

Dave Proffit

Detailed Auctioneer

Working with Bryce Elemond is a real treat! He has made auctioneering his life and passion, and he’s very good at it. His enthusiasm, energy, and professionalism are uplifting. I’ve had the good fortune to work two major auctions with Bryce. The first was a developer’s retirement sale, where we sold 120 real estate properties. The second was an estate sale of collectible firearms, cowboy collectibles, books, saddles and tack, and lots of artwork. Both were major auctions in the local community, and Bryce’s hard work and expertise helped make both sales a great success.

Gary Hubbell

A fundraiser to remember!

Bryce was our auctioneer for the Project Healing Waters fundraiser and he was amazing! His energy kept the crowd going and he worked the crowd amazingly! In these times where fundraisers are challenging he was able to use the right charisma and energy to get people motivated to help and the result was better than we have ever done in a fundraiser in 15 years! Thanks Bryce your truly amazing!!!

Kriste Crespi

The Absolute Best

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of seeing Bryce in action the past few years, he is truly a master of his craft. He gets the crowds going, and is truly one of the most personable people I’ve ever met. I can gurantee you won’t find a more down to earth, honest and genuine man in the industry. Thank you for all that you do for our nation and what you give back to the local communities.

Brandon Watral

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