When you're looking for a way to make money with less upfront investment, selling old property or equipment is a great idea. At Affordable Auctioneering, LLC in the Denver metro area, we've helped many of our clients host affordable auctions so that they could boost their bottom lines.  Call us today and schedule an appointment to start talking with us about how we can best help you get a great return on your investment.

Honest and transparent

Throughout the entire process, you'll find that our auctioneers are nothing but honest and transparent about how the sale will work. We want you to feel comfortable and satisfied with the job we do, and it's our goal to get you the biggest returns for your time. 

Learn more about the process

Call us today

Even if you're just curious, and learn more about how our auctions work. We'll talk with you about how we determine the value of different items, how we work with you to sell items, and how affordable the whole process can be.


Our Benefits and Gala's

We offer a elevated service as a certified Benefit Auction Specialist.We can help ease the process of planning and conducting Charity,Fundraiser, and Gala auctions. As a Benefit Auction Specialist, we know how important it is to raise awareness for these charity events and to make them as enjoyable as possible. Give us a call today if you're searching for your next fundraising specialist.

“SOLD IT” to you the Affordable Auctioneering way!

Are you trying to find a way to make more money for your Non-profit? Has the process you have in place not been able to make the money needed to keep the non-profit going all year? These are just a few questions that you need to ask yourself every year in order to be successful in fundraising.

Fundraising is just like baking in a kitchen. You have to have the right ingredients, follow the directions to the letter, and hopefully the end result will give you some delicious and appealing to eat.

In order to be successful, a Professional need to be in the playbook and by having that person on board, you are building your strategy for success on a solid foundation. The non-profit world is large and everyone has a cause in which they are close to and want to help stay active whether it is in a volunteer role or a donor capacity.

We strive in having the most up-to-date education practices that is being done across the country and can give you the confidence that we can help you grow your fundraising by working with us and helping to lay that foundation to make the months leading up to the Benefit or Gala a success by finding items, reaching out to get corporate sponsors, helping continue with past donors and securing more help to create awareness and notoriety of the Non-profit.

This is just the tip of the sword in setting the stage to enable your “Team” be ready for the work necessary to give the Gala a huge success and allow the non-profit to continue it’s mission to allow help to be given to those less fortunate.

Affordable Auctioneering LLC has the drive, knowledge and energy to create the right recipe for success!

A positive return on investment

No one likes to lose money. That's why we're here - to help make you money from your investment. When you come to us, you're choosing a company that will stand by you and work with you to achieve top-dollar prices on equipment you no longer need to have hanging around. Wouldn't it be great to liquidate some of those items and turn them into an investment in your future?

How we work

We work with every person we serve to create a viable business plan for selling off equipment,  personal property and benefits. We believe firmly that an honest day's pay comes from an honest day's work. We'll help you come up with a plan for that best suits your needs.